What is Floor Restoration

What is Floor RestorationFloor restoration is the process of taking a dull, lifeless looking wood floor and giving it back the majestic beauty it once had. If you have watched the rehab shows on TV you may have seen those people make the restoration process look easy. Be advised the “stars” on those shows have years of experience doing that type of work. Floor restoration is for professionals and should really not be attempted by the average homeowner.

Doing floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale is part art and part science. Specialized machinery and tools are used in the process that requires training and experience. Without the proper knowledge many a do it yourself homeowner has had to replace perfectly good floors that were damaged beyond repair while trying to restore them.

The floor restoration process is also very messy which is another reason doing it without the proper tools is very frustrating. Many floors that need to be restored have been covered by carpet for many years. The carpet may have been glued to the floor or the installer used nails. In either case the damage done by the glue or nails adds to the difficulty.

The professionals who do floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale will analyze the floor to find out just what needs to be done. Most floors are oak but occasionally another type of wood is used. The floor is surveyed for damage and there may be some areas that need to have new wood patched into the old. All glue and nails are removed and the worker will begin to sand the wood back down to the original wood removing all varnishes, stains or sealants.

Most likely the sanding machine will have a built in vacuum but there will still be plenty of dust to clean up after sanding. Once cleaned the floor will be sealed around the edges with a base coat sealant using a four inch hand brush. A synthetic floor-finish applicator will then be used to finish sealing the rest of the floor.

After about two hours of drying the professional will then begin to apply the first coat of an approved stain to the floor using a brush and applicator just like the base case sealant. After the first coat dries a second and then a third will be applied. This process will restore the wood to look like new and will give you many years of pleasure and service.

Tips for Dealing With a Broken Garage

Tips for Dealing With a Broken GarageIf pressing on your remote control garage door opener yields a door that doesn’t go all the way up every time, you are facing a few potential issues. By focusing on the most common first, you can through a process of elimination determine what your next steps should be.

1. First check to see if the remote control for the garage is working properly or if fresh batteries should be installed. If, after you have put fresh batteries into the remote control, the garage door comes up part way or not all the way up, then you still have an issue.

2. Next check to make sure that the safety eyes or the receivers are lined up properly. These small boxes are mounted on the bottom half of the left and right door tract. One box emits a red light beam and the other receives it. On occasion, the receivers might get bumped, causing the signal to get interrupted and leaving your garage door half way up or down. This problem can be easily remedied by readjusting the receivers so that they line up properly.

If that situation checks out but the garage door continues to run incorrectly or not at all, then the problem most likely is that your springs have broken or the travel switches on the opener motor are expiring. If either situation arises, it’s time to call in the experts, Garage Repair Salt Lake City, who will be able to tell you immediately what the problem is, how it should be addressed, and what the cost to complete the job will be. For most situations, the Torsion Springs or Extension Springs have broken and need replaced or the travel switches have frayed and worn out.

1. Garage doors typically have either Torsion Springs or Extension Springs. Torsion springs are located above your garage door and consist of springs that are slid onto a bar. Extension springs, on the other hand, are found alongside the opening of the door. If only one spring is broken, you should still replace the set knowing that the other spring will soon expire, too.

2. Since the dimensions and weights of garage doors vary considerably, you need the experts at Garage Repair in Salt Lake City to access your situation and to install the right springs. If you rely on anyone to do the job, you could end up doing more harm than good since the installation of the wrong spring could ruin not only your garage door but the whole system. In addition, Garage Repair Salt Lake City installs springs that last for 25,000 cycles (the garage door going up and then down represents one cycle).

3. After installation, the technician will perform a safety inspection to insure that the garage door meets all safety codes to protect you and your loved ones.

4. Finally, all of the work is guaranteed under the warranty.

Fun Yard Decoration Ideas


Decorating a yard can turn the area into an attractive and enjoyable space for the whole family. The actual process of decorating the yard can be just as fun as spending time outdoors. There are several fun yard decoration ideas that any homeowner should consider.

Flower Pinwheels

A fun decoration for a yard is a collection of different flower pinwheels. These decorations are pinwheels with colorful spinning blades that look like different flowers. The stem of the pinwheel is usually adorned with plastic or wooden leaves. Families can even turn regular pinwheels into garden decorations with kids. This just involves painting the pinwheel like a flower and attaching leaves or other decorations to the stem.

Garden Flags

Garden flags are an easy and attractive decoration for any yard or lawn. The flags usually contain fun patterns, images or sayings. Spring flags often show new flowers, birds or welcoming messages. The flags move in the wind and can accent the colors of any landscape. Spring flags can even be replaced with other seasonal flags throughout the year. Adorning a yard with garden flags can make the property feel unique and special.

Personalized Flamingos

Most people are familiar with the pink plastic flamingos that show up in some yards and lawns. Personalizing these flamingos can be a fun activity for the entire family. Each family member gets a flamingo coated in white primer. Each person can then use acrylic or outdoor paint to make the flamingo look unique. The flamingos could be turned into bees or elephants with a little glue and a few extra wooden parts. A group of personalized flamingos can make any yard bright and fun.

Customized Stepping Stones

Stepping stones have become a popular decoration for the yard that is fun to make and that brightens up any space. It is possible to buy premade stones in nearly any shape and size. These can be painted or customized to fit the yard and home. Another option is to purchase a mold for the stones and make them out of concrete at home. This makes it possible to use dyes or to insert colorful stones and other decorations into the surface of the concrete. The stepping stones can be laid down throughout the yard to create paths that wind all through the property.

Colorful Birdhouses

Birdhouses are colorful and fun for any yard. Birdhouses can be hung from trees or mounted on top of tall poles depending on the type of birds the family wants to attract. Purchasing kits will allow children to build and paint the birdhouses. An added benefit is that decorating a yard with birdhouses will attract many beneficial birds that eat harmful pests like mosquitoes and beetles.

Unique Rug Designs for Your Home

Unique Rug Designs for Your Home

The type of rug you choose to decorate your home with depends on the impact you want to create. In other words, you could be out for something unique, cozy or one that brings a warm feeling. This is a task that calls for a keen eye for detail and some artistic talent. With different types of rugs available in the market, you are actually spoilt for choice. All it takes is for you to decide on which designs and colors impress you most. Each room has its own appeal meaning that if you are seeking to have a rug in every room, you have to make different choices. Momeni rugs, for instance, are a combination of grace and elegance.

Considerations when buying a rug

Owing to the varieties available, choosing the most ideal rug can be tall order. You need to consider a few things that you consider important. First, decide on the size you want. If you are seeking to decorate a number of rooms, then you must have an idea of each rug’s measurements. The next consideration is on color. Choose your colors depending on the mood you want to create. You should also bear in mind the restraining factors in your home. For example, if you have little children and a pet, buying a white colored rug would not be a good decision.

Choose themes for each area

The type of rug that you are going to put in the living room will not be the same as the one in your bedroom. Each area has its unique needs. This is something you need to work out before you start shopping for a rug. Take a notebook and start jotting down your ideas. Pick a theme color for each space and note it down. The living room can be bold while in the bedroom you can go for a neutral color and so on. Make your themes in such a way that there is a transition from one area of the house to the next. There are other factors too that will influence your theme colors. The furniture color and the paint on the wall are some main ones.

Determine which shapes you want

It is not always that a square or rectangular rug will decorate a room nicely. You must be artistic and creative. For example, a rectangular rug will be most ideal for the living room. This is what will define how you arrange furniture. If you have a circular dining table, buy a circular rug for the dining area. For the hallways, choose long runners with different patterns and colors. Go for some style too. Contemporary rugs will augur well in a modern styled house. These come with bold colors, unique patterns and geometric designs that will awe you.

How to Rid Your Home of Insects

How to Rid Your Home of InsectsAn insect invasion can drive you up the wall. It gets worse when you don’t have the slightest idea on what to do. Insects are not only frightening; some contaminate your house and this can lead to illnesses. Others, such as mosquitoes do bite and transmit diseases. Insects such as cockroaches may not be carrying any harmful germs. However, they multiply quickly and become a nuisance. Bottom line is that you cannot share residence with insects. You have to get rid of them and prevent their coming back. The best approach is to destroy their nests and eliminate trash as this is what attracts them in the first place.

The following tips will help you get rid of insects from your home:

Keep your kitchen clean

Ants are favorite visitors to the kitchen especially during summer. The only secret to keep them off is by cleaning your kitchen thoroughly. Always wash your dishes after every meal. Put kitchen leftovers in polythene bags, seal and take them to the trash cans outside. Keep any food that has remained in a suitable container before storing it away in the refrigerator. Wipe the kitchen surfaces too. Ants love those sticky surfaces where you spill soup and other food during preparation. Use cleaning detergent that contains vinegar or other insect repelling reagents.

Prune vegetation near your house

As a rule of thumb, you should have an allowance of at least one foot away from the wall of your house that does not have any vegetation. This acts as an insect especially ants. Trim and prune overgrown branches, grass and shrubs as this is what insects rely upon to gain entry to your house. Make sure there are no plants touching your walls. Rake and throw into the compost heap all dead leaves lying on your compound. Such debris is home to insects and if it is lying near the foundation of your house, then you are at risk of an infestation.

Seal possible entrances

By sealing the areas around your doors and windows, crawling insects will not be able to get a way into your house. Conduct an inspection and around the exterior of the house. In particular, be on the lookout for cracks on the walls and loose boards. Seal them at once and hammer the loose boards tight. Install door sweeps on both the front and back doors.

Install insect screens

During hot summer days, you will mostly be dependent on open windows to provide fresh air. By coincidence, this is also the time that mosquitoes and other flying insects thrive. To keep them away, you will need to install insect screens. Have them on doors, windows and ventilation holes. It doesn’t require much effort to install a screen. Nonetheless, if you need further help, go to www.mosquitosquad.com.

Designing Your Own Custom Deck

Designing Your Own Custom DeckIf you love lounging outdoors, entertaining friends or having a good time with your family, you will find an outdoor deck to be quite convenient. Your children will love playing there. Besides, it will be safe for them to play without necessarily straying off from the yard. One advantage with a custom deck is that you are the one to decide how it will look like. You have all the say about its design, size and choice of material. In order to build a deck, you need tools and lots of wood. These are readily available items. The lumber yards in your area would be most delighted to supply you with off-cuts or any other type of wooden planks necessary for your project.

By following the ideas below, you can easily come up with an own design:

Plan ahead

Basically, a simple deck consists of a frame that you top off with material such as wood. You may have to build concrete beams or use the same concrete mixture to support wooden beams. No matter the plan, you need to plan ahead. Planning involves identifying an ideal spot where your deck will stand. You should also figure out how big or small it is going to be. Once you have found the exact spot, take out some chairs and tables. Put them on the exact spot where the completed deck will stand. Arrange the furniture in the manner you had visualized. Mark off the area leaving enough space around furniture.

Get dimensions

After sleeping over the deck’s design for a few days, it is time to put your ideas on paper. Draw a few sketches outlining how you will want the deck to look like. It could be square, oval, rectangular, round or hexagonal. Go to the exact spot on your yard where you had previously put the markers. Now take the exact measurements and note them down. You are going to need a tape measure and another person to help hold one end of the measuring tape. The inspiration of the size and shape of your deck can come from several quarters. You could copy a design you saw at a neighbor’s house, do-it-yourself magazines or online home decoration blogs.

Share your designs with a pro

Armed with your sketches and measurements, it is time to consult professional deck builders. Archadeck handles such home improvement projects deftly. Obtain their contacts or find out the nearest outlet. There you will find designers who are able to interpret your drawings and turn them into a deck of your dreams. Having a pro build your custom deck is a good idea because you may not have an engineering, woodworking or landscaping background. The project still remains your own by virtue of the fact that you designed it.

Maintaining the Floors in Your Home

floorsThere are many challenges to owning a home, not the least of which is doing what it takes to ensure that the value remains intact. The upkeep of our home can involve basic tasks like changing light bulbs, to keeping the infrastructure running efficiently, to care and upkeep of the floors, walls and ceilings. Choosing someone like Chicago hardwood floor refinishing to accomplish that rich look is one way to make your job a little easier.

A household that has a lot of traffic will usually require more attention when it comes to the floors, in fact, this could end up becoming a full time job for all concerned. As a homeowner who cares about the way your home looks there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to making sure that your floors last longer. Although you may prefer to sweep rather than unwrap all the electric cord for your vacuum, the latter is the better option for maintaining your floors.

When you make the decision to use the vacuum on your floors, remember that it needs to be adjusted down for a closer fit and remove any bristle attachments. If anyone ever suggests that you mix vinegar with some water to clean your floors, tell them no as you are walking away. There are certain things that vinegar may be good for, cleaning hardwood floors is not one of them.

Certain types of hardwood floors may be sensitive to direct sunlight, so ask your dealer if the room you intend to install that floor needs to be protected. Some homeowners will consider protecting their windows with a sheer curtain or installing a set of adjustable blinds which they can position to keep the direct rays off the floor. Children and spouses who work in a labor intensive environment can wreak havoc on any floor you own, whether it is carpet, tile, or hardwood floors.

One option is to insist that the offenders use one specific door in the home, where they can remove their shoes before entering the building. Another is to place a receiving mat at the entrance, getting them in the habit of cleaning the bottom of their shoes before entering the premises.

When things get out of control, or an evening with a few friends turned out to be a little more fun than you anticipated, it may be time to get some help. There is no reason why your floors should have to take a beating, but if they did then Chicago hardwood floor refinishing can bring it back to its original standard. The more attention you pay to keep your hardwood floors maintained, the more they will appeal to potential buyers.

Are You into DIY projects?

DIY - ELECTRICALA lot of people enjoying taking on DIY projects around their homes. When you do a job yourself, you can save a lot of money. It is also something that people really enjoy doing. If you are good at doing things yourself, you may want to start on some projects this spring. Before you do this, you will have to make some decisions about what you would like to do. You may have spent all winter working on the inside of your home, but now might be the time you move to the outside.

There are hundreds of projects you could do outside of your home, especially if you have a large yard. You might want to look around your yard first to see what it needs. One thing you might notice is that it needs a lighting system. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a company that can help you accomplish this task, and there are a lot of options to choose from. If you have the right lights in your yard, your landscaping will look better.

Outdoor lights come in many types. Solar lights tend to be a popular option, simply because they are easy to install. Solar lights are easy to install because they do not need electricity. They operate on natural energy produced by the sun. The automatically come on at night when it gets dark outside, and they will shut off when the sun comes back out. You will not have to worry about turning them on and off.

Solar lights are also great because they come in many sizes and shapes. You can buy large lamp posts to put in your yard, or you can buy small lights to light a path. Using spot lights is a great way to highlight certain areas. You might have a small garden in your yard, and it might contain a water fountain. If you want to highlight this area, you could place a spot light in it. You could adjust it so that it focuses on the water fountain, and this area would look great.

Outdoor lights are not only great for highlighting certain areas, but they also serve a key function. These lights illuminate areas of your yard, and this allows people to see at night. If you are expecting guests, these lights could light the path they will take to your front door. Landscaping in a yard is never complete until a lighting system is in place. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a huge selection of outdoor lights, but they also offer other products too.

Make your BBQ Legendary

BBQYou have awoken to the the perfect day for a backyard barbecue, and you have the perfect piece of meat to impress all of your guests. It’s a 6 pound Boston Butt, and you know exactly what it will take to transform it into a legend.

At first, the meat stands innocently, with an inviting shade of pink and beautiful natural marbling. It’s a look you’ve seen before; suggesting that only time stands between you and juicy, culinary brilliance. You place the roast on the grill, adding alder wood chips into a makeshift tinfoil tray in order to add an extra layer of fresh, woody flavor. Then the meat begins its transformation. First, it darkens as it sears, the outside sugars caramelizing, and shifting the roast’s appearance toward a deep mahogany. Finally, after several long hours, the pork finishes its journey, and the smoky blackness of a perfect char decorates the outside.

You wrestle it from the grill with two pairs of tongs, and then place it on a serving platter. Your grip on your patience begins to fail, as your friends and family tease you, silently hoping that you will give them so much as an acknowledgment. After all, you’ve been at it for hours already. They think that they just want your company, but you know better. What they really want is a taste of your signature pulled pork. They don’t understand the amount of skill, dedication, and large doses of herbs and spices it takes to bring this meal together.

The meat still has to sit for another half hour, so you throw together a sauce with molasses, honey, pepper, and the juices that had conveniently emerged and fallen from the meat as it cooked. Your guests pester you more, but you stay focused because you’re almost there. As you toast some buns you feel something overcoming you. Time slows down, and the voices of chefs past begin to whisper in an ancient language, which only you can understand. They encourage you to stay the course, and they tell you that serving this piece of meat is the culmination of your greatest adventure.

A timer chimes and echoes loudly like a gigantic clock tower, and suddenly, you emerge onto your Archadeck from www.archadeck.com, announcing with a booming voice that it’s time to eat, while grasping the platter which holds your magnificent creation. Your audience takes one look at the bounty and their mouths fall open, then they stand and applaud. A rose appears at your feet, as if you’re a victorious Matador having tamed a great beast. Behind the audience, the ethereal vision of the ancient chefs appear, nodding at your perfect backyard barbecue with the approval of a proud father.

Building the Home of Your Dreams

Dream_HouseTo build the perfect home, is one of the sweetest victories in life. Imagine if you will, a kitchen that has everything that you could possibly ever use, all at your fingertips. Imagine a sink that holds as many dirty dishes as you want it to hold, and a dishwasher that will clean them for you. How about a bathroom with a built in magazine caddy, or a bedroom that isn’t dwarfed by that extra-large California King that you refuse to live, or sleep without. Realizing this dream begins with a phone call to some custom home builders.

You can start the process by building your dream home in your mind. Start by picturing where you would like every room in your home to be located, and then start filling those rooms with furniture, but only those things that you want. Then make a sketch, or even a drawing of what you can imagine. This helps you get perspective. The hard part for many people is dimensions. Some people make tiny paper models that are complete with tiny pieces of furniture and appliances that are also made of paper. This only works if you can make the entire thing to scale, but if you can, it is amazingly easy to design your home.

Once you have an idea of the size of your home, and just how it should look on the inside, then you should really start thinking about the outside. Remember that this is your dream home, so there is no such thing as too much indulging. It’s alright to plan on that swimming pool with the waterfall on one side and the hot tub on the other. While you are planning, you might as well put your swimming pool in the center of a nice garden, and don’t forget the back deck where you can entertain guests. The tough decision is whether or not you should put the barbeque in the kitchen, or on the deck. Professional custom home builders can help you with those types of decisions. They have the experience that you might lack.

Choosing where to put your dream home is as much a part of the dream as the actual home. Should you live on a beach or on a mountain? Are you a city person, or is it part of your dream to get away from the city? I know that my dream home is being built in Annapolis, Maryland. It is a city that is steeped in tradition and is also family oriented. It is a beautiful sea port that is large and yet maintains its personal small town feel. It is part of my dream, what is yours?